COLL 142 - Week 03

Soldering Like Champions

Salvatore "Sal" Testa /@saltesta14

Who are our new friends?

Reed Jones

Julia Kwok

Electronic Component Soldering

by Carlos Amaro

Please read it.

What is soldering?


How do I solder?

Step 1: Tin the tip

Step 2: Apply heat

Step 3: Let the solder flow

How do I solder well?

Keep the tip clean

Use your damp (not soaking) sponge.

Keep the tip tinned

Apply solder

Shinny is good

Dull means it will crack.

How do I solder safely?

Be aware that soldering

  • gets hot
  • uses lead-based material
  • sometimes splatters

What are we doing today?

Starting on 3x3x3 LED Cube

Make a 3x3 grid on cardboard with ≤ .75 inches between each center.

Change the gender of your launchpad