COLL 142 - Week 04

Soldering Like Champions (part 2)

Salvatore "Sal" Testa /@saltesta14

Is there anything cool going on soon?

Why was messing with my Launchpad so difficult?

Didn't have proper tools.

Desoldering Pump


Do you know it'll be better this time?


How did you do it?


(Optionally)Remove MSP430

Work the plastic

Yoink it off

Apply flux

Apply heat

Remove the pin

Suck out any extra solder

Examine your Holy Board

Put the female parts in, add flux

Add solder

Sorry, no photo.

Apply heat to one side of the pin. Feed the pin solder until you get a nice cone of solder.

Clean off any extra flux

How how do I connect my cube/grid?

Board diagram

See Sal about connecting wires

Can we start?